Los bañadores deportivos de Bless the Sea sientan bien a un gran abanico de cuerpos

Bless The Sea is a brand that was created by the desire to find in the market comfortable and feminine bathing suits that don’t give up on fashion trends, that fit and flatter to a wide range of bodies, and that are durable.

How do we get this? By joining the new, and very necessary, slow-fashion movement; that is, putting a great deal of love and attention in the design, the manufacturing, and the selection of high quality fabrics while making the most of decades of know-how and experience.


Surf, sup, kite, snorkeling, freediving?
Name a sport and the swimsuit will adapt!

All our swimsuits are born and raised locally: we design them and make them in Barcelona. We saw that we could produce the fabrics locally, creating a new fabric with bounded neoprene look and also implement new manufacturing techniques together with the seamstresses, so that the garments had a trendy look, but at the same time they gave greater comfort and long usability.

Our patterns have been designed to beautifully embellish women’s bodies in and out of the sea.

We are inspired by traveling and wild women who enjoy the moment and love discovering new worlds – restless souls seeking the values and essence of Bless The Sea:




– Women who love sports and are carefree, who want freedom of movement and are tired of beautiful clothes that are not 100% comfortable or comfortable clothes that don’t make them feel beautiful. Why choose, being able to have both options in the same suit?

– Women who do not want to renounce the wind, the waves or the depths because the swimsuit fits perfectly. Those who want the freedom to make any movement in the water feeling covered up.

Women who want to enter the water with a garment that enhances their silhouette and with which they feel safe and comfortable.

Women who want to breathe under the motto “easy-going”, who seek to share their essence in the simplest way: a bath at dawn, a laugh with friends, or a sunset in nature.

Los bañadores deportivos para mujer de Bless the Sea han sido pensados para embellecer con mucho estilo el cuerpo de la mujer dentro y fuera del mar
Los bañadores deportivos para mujer de Bless the Sea están confeccionados con un tejido laminado con efecto neopreno
Los bañadores deportivos de Bless the Sea están pensados para mujeres que quieran la libertad de hacer cualquier movimiento en el agua sintiéndose cubiertas
Los bañadores de Bless the Sea son tan cómodos que permiten disfrutar al máximo del viento y las olas


This project started in early 2018. After years of dreaming about it, we left behind a decade dedicated to the fast-fashion industry with big corporations and started to create a brand that believes that a sustainable and fair market is possible.

We are two women with completely opposite profiles, that form the perfect combination, and that wanted to reinvent ourselves in the industry. Tired of the stress and toxicity that the textile giants generate, we concluded that the world is constantly evolving, and that starting a project with “slow” values was now necessary.

After many years of traveling around the world looking for trends in patterns, prints, fabrics, manufacturing styles and techniques, we can now apply to BTS all the lessons learned and done it.

So we open a new door to fully enjoy our passion for sports, nature and the sea, without giving up on fashion and being able to show it to all of you through BTS

Someone told us a long time ago: “Fashion follows art, and art seeks inspiration in the authentic and primary, which are projected from the purest and deepest essence.”

Bless The Sea was born from that same point

That is the seed of Bless The Sea

(from the soul, from the essence, from the nature)

“Believe in the magic of new beginnings”

So, full of joy and excitement…

here we go!


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